<p>Riddles! Puzzles! WhoDunnits! Adal Rifai, Erin Keif and John Patrick Coan, three of Chicago's most overrated improvisers, are on the case to solve every riddle, puzzle, brain-teaser, and head-scratcher known to humanity. Some riddles are almost impossible, some are absolutely improbable, and some simply have not aged well. And if you don't like riddles, don't worry! This podcast is barely about them! </p><p><br></p><p>Like what you hear? Join the Clue Crew for weekly bonus episodes at Patreon.com/heyriddleriddle </p>


Title Date published
#31: Take a Riddle Bit Off the Top! 2019-02-20
#30: Love Arrow Arrow! (AKA Hey Kissy Kissy!) 2019-02-13
#29: Dungeons & Dragons & Riddles with Becca Barish! 2019-02-06
#28: Thank you, Snake! 2019-01-30
#27: Kiss, Kiss, Riddle Riddle 2019-01-23
#26: Rip Van Puzzies 2019-01-16
#25: Puzzies and Wizzys 2019-01-09
#24: New Year's Re:SOLUTIONS! With Zach Reino & Jess McKenna! 2019-01-02
#23: A Year End Riddie-view 2018-12-26
#22: Sleigh Riddle Riddle 2018-12-19
#21: Jester Tester with Brooke Breit! 2018-12-12
#20: School Runnings 2018-12-05
#19: A Puzzle a Day Keeps the Riddle Away 2018-11-28
#18: Hey Gobble Gobble! 2018-11-21
#17: The Episode That Sounds a Riddle Bit Different 2018-11-14
#16: Riddle Nation 2018-11-07
#15: Bleh Riddle Riddle! a.k.a. RiddleWeen! 2018-10-31
#14: A Riddle a Day Saves Nine 2018-10-24
#13: Throw another Riddie on the Barbie 2018-10-17
#12: Three Men and A Riddle Lady with Justin McElroy 2018-10-10

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