<p>Hosts Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, who you might know as the co-founders of the website Of a Kind (RIP!) or the co-authors of the book Work Wife, are all about discovery and enthusiasm. We've heard this weekly podcast described as a 'unique mix of urgent discussions of non-urgent things and thoughtful discussions of important, and often otherwise ignored, things,' and we're very much on board with that take.</p><p><br></p>


Title Date published
Talking Black Buck with Mateo Askaripour & a Gift for the Best Boss You Ever Had 2021-04-12
After Dark, Useful Tools, Embarrassing Recipes, and Great Breakfastations 2021-04-05
Our Pre Post-Pandemic Social Anxiety and Erica’s New Beauty Go-Tos 2021-03-29
Weird Coffee Habits & Writing Juicy, Inclusive Romance Novels with Talia Hibbert 2021-03-22
More Thingies Award Winners! And Peak Sprinkles Culture. 2021-03-15
Those Uncerty Thirties (with Kayleen Schaefer!) and Fitness Influencer Vibes 2021-03-08
Still Not Having Kids and Our Latest Romance-Novel Crush 2021-03-01
What Healthy Comfort Food Means to Julia Turshen. And a Snack Taste Test! 2021-02-22
Coping Tips from Dr. Ben Michaelis and Perfect Gifts for Your Snake-Sitter 2021-02-15
Baby-Registry Recs and Craigslist Scams 2021-02-08
Media Right Now with Delia Cai and the Whole30 Whole Thing 2021-02-01
The Comedic Gifts of R. Eric Thomas...and the Absurdism of Toddlerdom 2021-01-25
Introducing the Thingies, What Your Awards Season Was Missing. Welks! 2021-01-18
A Mental-Health Check-In Feels Right Right Now 2021-01-11
Rice, Hospital Go Bags, and, Uh, What Exactly We Do for Work These Days 2021-01-04
Dumplings as an Aesthetic and Alisha Ramos on Staying In 2020-12-28
Reading Reckless, Thanking Stacey Abrams, and Talking Grown-Up Books for Kids 2020-12-21
Black Futures with Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham—Plus BIG Gifts 2020-12-14
Gift Guide, Part 2: Teens, Bosses, Brothers, and, Duh, Your Mail Carrier 2020-12-07
Gift Guide, Part 1: Dads, Sisters-in-Law, and New Quar Romances 2020-11-30

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