<p>Hosts Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, who you might know as the co-founders of the website Of a Kind (RIP!) or the co-authors of the book Work Wife, are all about discovery and enthusiasm. We've heard this weekly podcast described as a 'unique mix of urgent discussions of non-urgent things and thoughtful discussions of important, and often otherwise ignored, things,' and we're very much on board with that take.</p><p><br></p>


Title Date published
A Friendship Classified Ad, Intergenerational Friendships, and Group Chats (with All the Friends) 2021-08-30
Hair Length, Produce Refrigeration, and the Internet’s Best Product Descriptions 2021-08-23
Oysters and Fast Food (Talk About Well-Rounded) 2021-08-16
Nora McInerny on Supporting People Through the Hard Stuff (and a Gift Idea Too) 2021-08-09
Curious Home Items and That New New York Vibe 2021-08-02
Online Shopping Tricks ‘n Tips...and Ending Vacation Early 2021-07-26
The Idea of You Casting Drama and a Friendship Deep-Dive 2021-07-19
Solving Those Sleep, Energy, & Sex-Drive Mysteries with Base Founder Lola Priego 2021-07-15
Thingies! And Famous Birthdays! 2021-07-12
Baby Hummingbirds and Lauren Chan on Fashion Right Now and Size-Inclusivity 2021-06-28
Demystifying CBD with Caliper Co-Founder Jeremy Goldstein 2021-06-24
Flea and Wedding Registries (Slash Stuff We Want in Our Kitchens Forever) 2021-06-21
Public Affluence and Atoosa Rubenstein Talking Grown-Up Stuff 2021-06-14
A Snack Attack and Claire’s New Beauty Go-Tos 2021-06-07
Opening the Windows and Making Time for Creativity 2021-05-24
Eating Less Meat and Drinking Less Booze 2021-05-17
Checking in With Amanda Hesser and Miffy, Hello Kitty’s Frenemy 2021-05-10
Things We Want to Leave Behind and How to Start a Running Routine 2021-05-03
Fighting Perfectionism and Remembering People’s Names 2021-04-26
Deep-Diving Into Post-Pandemic Dressing and a Kombucha Who’s Who 2021-04-19

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