<p>Hosts Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, who you might know as the co-founders of the website Of a Kind (RIP!) or the co-authors of the book Work Wife, are all about discovery and enthusiasm. We've heard this weekly podcast described as a 'unique mix of urgent discussions of non-urgent things and thoughtful discussions of important, and often otherwise ignored, things,' and we're very much on board with that take.</p><p><br></p>


Title Date published
Guest Thingies with Harling Ross Anton and “Everything Is Nice in Here” 2022-01-24
The It’s Not That Deep Woman, Acknowledgement Sections, and Next-Lev Work Hacks 2022-01-17
Guest Thingies with Kelly Wright of Yuns and Romance Reads Ya Need 2022-01-10
Obligation, People-Pleasing, and Pillows (Yes, Pillows) 2021-12-20
Thingies and Dumplings: a Delicious Combination 2021-12-13
Holidays and Giving with Caroline Moss (and the New Illustrated Us!) 2021-12-06
BECs, Celebrities Reading Memoirs, and Other Things We Love Talking About 2021-11-29
Rolling Calls and a Round of Guest Thingies with David Cho 2021-11-22
Gift Guide Round 3: Siblings, Teens, Co-Workers, Friends, and Grandparents! 2021-11-15
Gift Guide Round 2: Extra Design-y Edition, with MoMA Design Store! 2021-11-11
Gift Guide Round 1: Moms, Dads, and Significant (or Formerly Significant) Others 2021-11-08
Mimi O Chun’s Delightful Art and Revisiting the Department Store 2021-11-01
A Butter Sculptor Retires and Kicking Off Oven-Season Baking 2021-10-25
Sesame Street’s Social Media and Talking Recovery with A.J. Daulerio 2021-10-18
Getting All of Our Graphic-Design Questions Answered (Thanks, Projector!) 2021-10-14
Cow Potty-Training and the Beauty Products of Our Youth 2021-10-11
Michigan Star Restaurants, Patient Advocacy, Covid Weddings, and A+ Apps 2021-10-04
Thingies! And Getting Our Crossword/Spelling Bee Fix. 2021-09-27
Cereal, Periods, and Some Strong Middle-School Energy 2021-09-20
How Photographer Gillian Laub Worked through Family Political Tension (Also: Vegan Hot-Dog Racing) 2021-09-13

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