<p>Hosts Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, who you might know as the co-founders of the website Of a Kind (RIP!) or the co-authors of the book Work Wife, are all about discovery and enthusiasm. We've heard this weekly podcast described as a 'unique mix of urgent discussions of non-urgent things and thoughtful discussions of important, and often otherwise ignored, things,' and we're very much on board with that take.</p><p><br></p>


Title Date published
Episode 140: A Mixed Bag of Things We Can’t Put in 10 Things 2018-06-25
Episode 139: We’re Reading Author Rumaan Alam Loud and Clear 2018-06-18
Episode 138: Alex Capano Schools Us on Women's Health Issues and Cannabinoids 2018-06-11
Episode 137: We TB with D C-T! Authors Joana Avillez and Molly Young 2018-06-04
Episode 136: Anthonia Akitunde on Showing Up for Moms of Color 2018-05-24
Episode 135: Getting Bubbly with Sommelier Jordan Salcito 2018-05-21
Episode 134: A Super-Satisfying Installment of Best of 10 Things 2018-05-14
Episode 132: Wake Up—It’s Time for Claire’s Morning Routine! 2018-04-30
Episode 131: Olivia Milch on Making the Movies We All Deserve 2018-04-23
Episode 130: Loads of Pro Tips from the Dynamic Interior-Design Duo of Jesse Parris-Lamb 2018-04-16
Episode 129: Rise and Shine—It’s Erica’s Morning Routine! 2018-04-09
Episode 127: Dan Frommer on How to Score All the Points 2018-03-26
Episode 126: Fake Ketchup and Real Celeb Talents on the Latest Best of 10 Things Ep! 2018-03-19
Episode 125: A Very Sudsy Body Wash v. Soap Roundtable 2018-03-12
Episode 124: Things You Can’t Say in 10 Things, Armie Hammer Edition 2018-03-05
Episode 123: Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Culture 2018-02-26
Episode 122: Listen Up: All the Books We Can’t Wait to Read and Listener Mailbag! 2018-02-19
Episode 121: Katonya Breaux Is So Bright, We Gotta Wear Sunscreen 2018-02-12
Episode 120: Talkin’ Female Friendship with the Woman Who Wrote the (New!) Book on It 2018-02-05
Episode 119: The Cream (and Sad Egg) of the 10 Things Crop 2018-01-29

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