<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
Does the UK have the fastest growing economy in the G7? 2022-02-02
Fertility rates: baby boom or bust? 2022-01-30
Should you follow the 5 second rule? And does inflation hit the poorest harder? 2022-01-26
Are female patients more likely to die if the surgeon is male? 2022-01-23
Are women 32% more likely to die after operation by a male surgeon? 2022-01-19
QAnon: Did 365,348 children go missing in the US in 2020? 2022-01-16
Omicron, pandemic birth rates and boosters 2022-01-12
How much plastic is in the Ocean and can Mr Beast make a difference? 2022-01-09
Will the population of Nigeria be larger than Europe’s? 2022-01-02
Numbers of 2021 2021-12-26
The psychological economics of gift giving 2021-12-19
Does catching covid give you more immunity than being vaccinated? 2021-12-12
Does wearing a mask halve your chances of getting Covid-19? 2021-12-05
Simpson’s Paradox: How to make vaccinated death figures misleading 2021-11-28
A TikTok tale 2021-11-21
The carbon cost of breakfast at COP26 2021-11-14
Same data, opposite results. Can we trust research? 2021-11-07
The art of counting 2021-10-31
The numbers behind Squid Game 2021-10-24
The prize-winning economics of migration and the minimum wage 2021-10-17

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