<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
Pakistan flooding, UK power prices and Boris’s broadband claim 2022-09-07
Can we use maths to beat the robots? 2022-09-03
Energy prices, excess deaths and the race to count to 200 2022-08-31
Kenya’s Election Rounding Error 2022-08-27
The numbers behind “natural” birth control 2022-08-20
Is opinion polling broken? 2022-08-13
Debunking the Liverpool FC Conspiracy Theory 2022-08-06
How our world measures up 2022-07-30
Does the World Athletics Championships have a false start problem? 2022-07-23
Is Uganda about to become a middle income country? 2022-07-16
Does it take 10,000 litres of water to make a pair of jeans? 2022-07-09
How many American women will have an abortion in their lifetime? 2022-07-02
Covid climb, childcare costs and why can’t the French count properly? 2022-06-29
Ed Sheeran and the mathematics of musical coincidences 2022-06-25
Rail strikes, tyre pollution and sex statistics 2022-06-22
How often do people have sex? 2022-06-18
Maternity litigation, stars, bees and windowless planes 2022-06-15
Hannah Fry: Understanding the numbers of cancer 2022-06-11
Employment puzzle, pyramids and triplets 2022-06-08
Are girls starting puberty earlier? 2022-06-04

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