<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
Do fungi kill three times as many people as malaria? 2023-03-11
Does your jewellery contain stolen Brink’s-Mat gold? 2023-03-04
UK vs European energy prices, falling excess deaths and is 5 grams of cocaine a lot? 2023-03-01
Do 29,000 coffee pods really go to landfill every minute? 2023-02-25
Reoffending rates, Welsh taxes and the menopause 2023-02-22
Florence Nightingale and how she visualised data 2023-02-18
Nurses' pay, ambulance times and forgotten female economists 2023-02-15
Spreadsheet disasters 2023-02-11
The IMF and the UK economy, NHS staff shortages and British vs English 2023-02-08
Hannah Fry on using shopping data to detect ovarian cancer 2023-02-04
Brexit and trade, pensioner millionaires and Hannah Fry on loyalty cards and cancer 2023-02-01
Are wild mammals only 4% of the mammal population? 2023-01-28
Coffee with the Chancellor, inflation measures, GP numbers and toilet paper 2023-01-25
Does toilet paper cause 15% of global deforestation? 2023-01-21
Ambulance response times, teacher pay and Irish pubs 2023-01-18
How we shook the world of very large numbers 2023-01-14
A&E delays and deaths, religious identity in N Ireland and naming the monster numbers 2023-01-11
Can China's data on covid deaths be trusted? 2023-01-07
Irish pubs - a global numbers game 2022-12-31
Numbers of the Year 2022 2022-12-24

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