<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
Immigration 2014-01-24
WS MoreOrLess: An apple-a-day 2014-01-20
Obesity crisis? 2014-01-17
WS MoreOrLess: Counting the Dead in Iraq 2014-01-13
The week that kills 2014-01-10
WS MoreOrLess: The numbers of 2013 - part 2 2014-01-04
Pension Charges 2014-01-03
WS MoreOrLess: The numbers of 2013 - part 1 2013-12-28
Numbers of the year 2013-12-27
WS MoreOrLess: Wine shortage? 2013-12-21
Britain's 80,000 homeless children 2013-12-20
WS MoreOrLess: Genocide in South Africa? 2013-12-14
WS MoreOrLess: Testing the PISA test 2013-12-07
Football Ranking Mysteries Explained 2013-11-30
WS MoreOrLess: Could statistics cure cancer? 2013-11-23
WS MoreOrLess: Sachin Tendulkar - best batsman of all time? 2013-11-16
WS MoreOrLess: Does politics make us get our sums wrong? 2013-11-09
100,000 Christian martyrs? 2013-11-02
WS MoreOrLess: Fertility - when is too late? 2013-10-26
WS MoreOrLess: Nobel Prize puzzle 2013-10-19

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