<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
The Great EU Cabbage Myth 2016-04-04
WSMoreOrLess: Safe drinking 2016-03-24
WSMoreOrLess: Mobiles or lightbulbs 2016-03-18
WSMoreOrLess: Can we trust food surveys? 2016-03-11
WSMoreOrLess: Fact checking The Big Short 2016-03-04
WSMoreOrLess: Antibiotics and the problem of the broken market 2016-02-26
WSMoreOrLess: When £10,000 isn’t a good incentive 2016-02-19
WSMoreOrLess: Fishy numbers? 2016-02-15
Selfies, sugar daddies and dodgy surveys 2016-02-12
WSMoreOrLess: Do e-cigarettes really harm your chances of quitting smoking? 2016-02-08
E-cigarettes: Can They Help People Quit? 2016-02-05
Swedish refugees 2016-02-01
How harmful is alcohol? 2016-01-29
WSMoreOrLess: Oxfam and Wealth Inequality 2016-01-25
Billionaires versus the world 2016-01-22
WS MoreOrLess: Gravitational Waves 2016-01-18
Weekend Stroke Deaths 2016-01-15
WS MoreOrLess: Numbers of the Year 2015: Part Three 2016-01-11
Flood Defence Spending 2016-01-08
WSMoreOrLess: Numbers of the Year 2015 Part 2 2016-01-04

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