<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
US National Debt: is $32 trillion a big number? 2023-06-24
Mortgages, birth rates and does space contribute 18% to UK GDP? 2023-06-21
Is breastfeeding the key to exam success? 2023-06-17
Electric vehicles, 600 million bottles and does oral sex cause cancer? 2023-06-14
Counting Hunger in India 2023-06-10
Lib Dem ambulance claims, affordable rent and goat meat 2023-06-07
A short history of data 2023-06-03
Food prices, net migration and beef about beef 2023-05-31
Are young people more single than ever before? 2023-05-28
NHS waiting lists, Voter ID and measuring divorce 2023-05-24
Detecting Bad Science with Data 2023-05-20
Do 94% of marriages in Portugal really end in divorce? 2023-05-13
Why is life expectancy falling in the USA? 2023-05-06
How much is the Coronation crown worth? 2023-04-29
The Pentagon Leaks and Fox News 2023-04-22
How accurate is baby's due date? 2023-04-15
How to better understand and explain numbers 2023-04-08
A groundbreaking new proof for Pythagoras’ Theorem? 2023-04-01
Covid vaccines and false claims about miscarriage 2023-03-25
Silicon Valley Bank: a very modern bank run 2023-03-18

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