<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
The Referendum by Numbers: Regulation 2016-06-16
The Referendum by Numbers: Law 2016-06-15
The Referendum by Numbers: Immigration 2016-06-14
The Referendum by Numbers: The Cost of EU Membership 2016-06-13
WS More or Less: Sexist Data Crisis 2016-06-10
WS More or Less: HIV in Africa 2016-06-03
WS More or Less: Refugee Camp Statistics 2016-05-27
WS More or Less: The World's Most Profitable Product 2016-05-20
WS More or Less: The world’s most diverse city 2016-05-13
WS More or Less: Leicester City football fluke? 2016-05-09
The most profitable product in history 2016-05-06
WS More or Less: Simpson’s Paradox 2016-05-02
EU Migration 2016-04-29
WS More or Less: Most Expensive Building 2016-04-25
Brexit numbers 2016-04-22
WS More or Less: The life expectancy of a Pope 2016-04-18
Celebrity deaths 2016-04-15
WS More or Less: The story of average 2016-04-11
Fathers and babies 2016-04-08
WS More or Less: The Great EU Cabbage Myth 2016-04-05

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