<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
Have more famous people died this year? 2016-12-16
WS More or Less: How risky is the contraceptive pill? 2016-12-12
How wrong were the Brexit forecasts? 2016-12-09
WS More or Less: How not to test public opinion 2016-12-02
Are you related to Edward III - and Danny Dyer? 2016-12-02
WS More or Less: Good news on renewables? 2016-11-28
Pensioners aren't poor anymore 2016-11-25
WS More or Less: Avoiding Asteroids 2016-11-21
Is dementia the number one killer? 2016-11-18
WS More or Less: Liberia’s Rape Statistic Debunked 2016-11-14
US election, stray cats and puzzles 2016-11-11
WS More or Less: Ice Cream versus aid 2016-11-07
Trump tells the Truth 2016-11-04
WS More or Less: Child Marriage, Dangerous Algorithms 2016-10-28
WS More or Less: Escobar’s Cocaine Deaths 2016-10-24
WS More or Less: Algorithms, Crime and Punishment 2016-10-14
WS More or Less: The Sustainable Development Goals – are there just too many? 2016-10-07
WS More or Less: Who Won the US Presidential Debate? 2016-09-30
WS More or Less: Trump’s crime claims 2016-09-23
WS More or Less: Wedding gift economics 2016-09-18

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