<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
WS More or Less: Big polluters - ships versus cars 2017-10-02
Uber; EU passports; counting domestic violence 2017-09-29
WS More or Less: Sperm - Are we going extinct? 2017-09-25
Statistics abuse, tuition fees and beer in 1887 2017-09-22
WS More or Less: How to measure a Hurricane 2017-09-15
Are Natural Disasters on the Rise? 2017-09-15
WS More or Less: More Horses than Tanks? 2017-09-11
Electric cars, school-ready and feedback 2017-09-08
One in 500 Year Storm 2017-09-04
Grenfell Tower's Death Toll 2017-09-01
Fantasy Football - How to win 2017-08-28
A-levels, drowning and dress sizes 2017-08-25
The Trump Bump 2017-08-20
Are there 15,000 transgender people serving in the US military? 2017-08-14
Why is Kenya’s election so expensive? 2017-08-07
More boys than girls in Sweden? 2017-07-31
Maryam Mirzakhani – A Genius of Maths 2017-07-24
Calling the shots at Wimbledon 2017-07-17
Is Steph Curry cheap and how random is random? 2017-07-10
In Search of Woodall Primes 2017-06-30

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