<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
Is the US Census Under Threat? 2018-01-29
A Girl's First Time, Shark's Stomachs, Prime numbers 2018-01-26
WS More or Less: Real Lives Behind the Numbers 2018-01-22
Gender Pay Gaps and How to Learn a Language 2018-01-19
WS More or Less: How Louis Bachelier Scooped Economists by Half a Century 2018-01-15
Missed appointments, graduate pay, plus cocaine on bank notes 2018-01-12
WS More or Less: Just how rare is a hole-in-one? 2018-01-07
More or Less: Statistics of the Year 2017 2017-12-31
WS More or Less: Will Bitcoin use more electricity than the United States? 2017-12-24
WS More or Less: Diet Coke Habit; 'Contained' Wildfires 2017-12-18
WS More or Less: Does Eating Chocolate Make Your Brain Younger? 2017-12-11
WS More or Less: Just how lucky are regular lottery winners? 2017-12-04
WS More or Less: How Rich was Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy? 2017-11-26
How expensive is Italy's World Cup failure? 2017-11-17
WS More or Less: Why Albums are Getting Longer 2017-11-12
WS More or Less: Do Nigerian lawmakers get $1.7m and do Yams cause twins? 2017-11-05
WS More or Less: Novelists in numbers 2017-10-30
WS More or Less: Are US millennials more politically engaged online? 2017-10-20
How Richard Thaler changed Economics 2017-10-13
WS More or Less: Kilobyte to Brontobyte 2017-10-10

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