<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
WS More or Less: Foreign Aid: Who’s the most generous? 2018-10-19
WS More or Less: Paul Romer and William Nordhaus’ Big Ideas 2018-10-12
Loneliness, School Funding, Same-Sex Divorce 2018-10-09
WS More or Less: Why are Lesbians More Likely to Divorce than Gay Men? 2018-10-07
Loneliness; School Funding; Same-Sex Divorce. 2018-10-05
WS More of Less: Surviving the Battle of Britain 2018-10-01
Surviving the Battle of Britain; the World Cup and Domestic Violence; Buckfast and Arrests in Scotland 2018-09-28
WS More or Less: Trump and the Puerto Rico Death Toll 2018-09-24
How Many Schoolchildren are Carers? Shareholder Income, and Museum Visitors Vs Football Fans 2018-09-21
WS More or Less: DNA - Are You More Chimp or Neanderthal? 2018-09-17
Male suicide, school ratings, are female tennis players treated unfairly by umpires? 2018-09-14
WS More or Less: The Safest Car in the World? 2018-09-10
Heart Age Calculator; Danish Sperm Imports; Counting Goats 2018-09-07
WS: More or Less - How well do you understand your world? 2018-09-03
African Trade Tariffs; Alcohol Safe Limits; President Trump's Popularity 2018-08-31
BONUS PODCAST: Economics with Subtitles - Coffins Full of Car Keys 2018-08-29
WS: More or Less - Automated fact-checking 2018-08-27
A no-frills life, automated fact-checking and Lord-of-the-Rings maths 2018-08-24
BONUS PODCAST: Economics with Subtitles - How Condoms Can Cost a Week’s Wages 2018-08-22
WS More or Less: Are Wildfires Really Burning More Land? 2018-08-20

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