<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
Climate Change, Victorian Diseases, Alcohol 2019-02-15
WS More or Less: From the archives: Groundhogs and Kings 2019-02-12
Teen Suicide; Brexit Business Moves; Wood-Burner Pollution 2019-02-08
WS More or Less: You have 15,000 likes! 2019-02-04
Holocaust Deniers; Venezuelan Hyperinflation; Tinder Likes 2019-02-01
WS More or Less: Is Suicide Seasonal? 2019-01-26
Domestic Violence, Jobs, Easter Snowfall 2019-01-25
WS More or Less: Close Encounters of a Planetary Kind 2019-01-19
Intersex Numbers, Fact-Checking Facebook, Jack Bogle 2019-01-18
WS More or Less: The Mathematics of Fever 2019-01-12
Sugar, Outdoors Play and Planets 2019-01-11
WS More or Less: Numbers of the Year Part 2 2019-01-04
WS More or Less: Numbers of the Year Part 1 2018-12-29
WS More or Less: Mission Impossible - Quantifiying Santa 2018-12-22
WS More or Less: Dam Lies and Statistics 2018-12-17
WS More or Less: Sex and Heart Attacks 2018-11-30
WS More or Less: Are 90% of War Fatalities Civilians? 2018-11-23
WS More or Less: When’s a Kilogram Not a Kilogram? 2018-11-16
WS More or Less: Do Assassinations Work? 2018-11-09
WS More or Less: Vaccines - The importance of the herd and social media 2018-10-28

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