<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
Koalas 2019-12-13
Election Special (2/2) 2019-12-10
Tree Planting Pledges 2019-12-06
Election Special 1/2 2019-12-03
Testing tomatoes 2019-11-29
The world’s busiest shipping lanes 2019-11-23
Bolivia: Can statistics help detect electoral fraud? 2019-11-15
Reducing your risk of death 2019-11-09
Unbelievable: The forgotten rape data 2019-11-01
Edith Abbott and crime statistics 2019-10-28
Esther Duflo and women in economics 2019-10-18
The Extra Episode: Minimum wage, drinking in Scotland and identical twins. 2019-10-11
WS More or Less: Does San Francisco have more rough sleepers than Britain? 2019-10-07
New hospitals promised, aid to Ukraine, and bacon sandwiches 2019-10-04
WS More or Less: Who fought in World War 1? 2019-09-30
Austerity Deaths, C-Sections and being struck by lightning 2019-09-27
WS More or Less: Peaty v. Bolt: Which is the greatest world record? 2019-09-23
Dementia, inflation and shark deaths 2019-09-20
WS More or Less: Cape Town murders 2019-09-16
Maternal deaths, taxi driver earnings and statistical pop music 2019-09-13

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