<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
Covid-19 fatality rate 2020-05-09
Testing truth, fatality rates, obesity risk and trampolines. 2020-05-06
Climate change and birdsong 2020-05-02
Ethnic minority deaths, climate change and lockdown 2020-04-29
Comparing countries' coronavirus performance 2020-04-25
Bonus Podcast: Professor John Horton Conway 2020-04-23
Comparing countries, the risk to NHS staff, and birdsong 2020-04-22
Superforecasting the Coronavirus 2020-04-18
Should you wear a face mask? 2020-04-11
Coronavirus deaths, face masks and a potential baby boom 2020-04-08
Are more men dying from coronavirus? 2020-04-04
Supermarket stockpiling, A-level results and Covid-19 gender disparity 2020-03-31
The Risk 2020-03-28
Coronavirus Special 2020-03-25
Mitigation or Suppression: What’s best to tackle Coronavirus? 2020-03-21
The mystery of Iran’s coronavirus numbers 2020-03-14
How much heat do you lose from your head? 2020-03-09
Netflix vs the environment 2020-02-29
More or Less: Superforecasting, wood burning stoves and the real story of Hidden Figures 2020-02-28
Artificial (not so) Intelligence 2020-02-22

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