<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
Covid in Africa 2020-08-01
Data in the time of cholera 2020-07-25
Covid misconceptions and US deaths 2020-07-18
Sweden’s lockdown lite 2020-07-11
Why Trump is wrong about the USA’s coronavirus case comeback 2020-07-04
Why did the UK have such a bad Covid-19 epidemic? 2020-07-01
A new Covid-19 drug and a second wave 2020-06-27
Child Poverty, School Inequality and a Second Wave 2020-06-24
Who Should be Quarantined? 2020-06-20
Quarantine, Test and Trace and BODMAS 2020-06-17
Antibody tests, early lockdown advice and European deaths 2020-06-10
Keep your distance 2020-06-06
False negatives, testing capacity and pheasants 2020-06-03
Obeying lockdown, flight arrivals and is this wave of the epidemic waning? 2020-05-27
60 Harvests and statistically savvy parrots 2020-05-23
School re-opening, Germany’s Covid-19 success and statistically savvy parrots 2020-05-20
Social Distancing and Government Borrowing 2020-05-16
Vitamin D, explaining R and the 2 metre rule 2020-05-13
Covid-19 fatality rate 2020-05-09
Testing truth, fatality rates, obesity risk and trampolines. 2020-05-06

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