<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
QAnon: Child runaways and trafficking numbers debunked 2020-12-12
Vaccines: how safe and who gets it? 2020-12-05
Tracking Covid 19 2020-11-28
Inviting Covid for Dinner 2020-11-21
Vaccine numbers 2020-11-14
How deadly is Covid 19? 2020-11-07
Asymptomatic Covid19 Cases 2020-10-31
US election: facts or fiction 2020-10-24
Auction Theory - Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson 2020-10-17
A short history of probability 2020-10-10
Spreadsheet snafu, ‘Long Covid’ quantified, and the birth of probability 2020-10-07
“Record” Covid cases, Trump on the death count, and ant pheromones 2020-09-30
Covid curve queried, false positives, and the Queen’s head 2020-09-23
The magical maths of pool testing 2020-09-19
Covid testing capacity, refugee numbers, and mascara 2020-09-16
Covid cases rising, a guide to life’s risks, and racing jelly-fish 2020-09-09
Schools and coronavirus, test and trace, maths and reality 2020-09-02
Covid plasma therapy 2020-08-26
A-level algorithms, poker and buses 2020-08-19
Belarus’ contested election 2020-08-15

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