<p>Tim Harford and the More or Less team try to make sense of the statistics which surround us. From BBC Radio 4</p>


Title Date published
Is Ivermectin a Covid ‘wonder drug’? 2021-07-03
Scotland cases, flood risk and taxing the poor 2021-06-30
Maths and the Mayflower 2021-06-26
Delta cases, blue tits and that one-in-two cancer claim 2021-06-23
The origins of Covid 2021-06-19
Covid deaths, outdoor swimming and care homes 2021-06-16
The doubling of life-expectancy 2021-06-12
Third wave fears, smart motorways and bra sizes 2021-06-09
Bolton vaccines, Yorkshire versus Scotland and the average gamer 2021-06-02
The Seaspiracy “virtually empty ocean” claim 2021-05-29
Wales jab success, Eurovision and living with your parents 2021-05-26
The medical trial that proved Trump wrong 2021-05-22
Explaining maths without Numbers 2021-05-15
Finding Mexico City’s real death toll 2021-05-08
Bayes: the clergyman whose maths changed the world 2021-05-02
Will 2021 have more Covid deaths than 2020? 2021-04-24
How many swimming pools full of vaccine do we need? 2021-04-17
Clot risks: The Pill versus the vaccine 2021-04-10
Too fast for Minecraft? 2021-04-04
In praise of Covid Data 2021-03-27

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