Dr Adam Rutherford and guests illuminate the mysteries and challenge the controversies behind the science that's changing our world.


Title Date published
Extinction Rebellion, UK net zero emissions and climate change; Nobel Prizes 2019-10-10
HIV protective gene paper retraction, Imaging ancient Herculaneum scrolls, Bill Bryson's The Body 2019-10-03
Oceans, ice and climate change; Neolithic baby bottles; Caroline Criado-Perez wins RS Book Prize 2019-09-26
MOSAiC Arctic super-expedition, Likely extinction of the Bahama nuthatch, Tim Smedley's book on air pollution 2019-09-19
Model embryos from stem cells, Paul Steinhardt's book on impossible crystals, Mother Thames 2019-09-12
Inventing GPS, Carbon nanotube computer, Steven Strogatz and Monty Lyman discuss calculus and skin 2019-09-05
Amazon fires, Royal Society Book Prize shortlist announced, John Gribben on quantum physics 2019-08-29
UK's black squirrels' genetic heritage; nuclear fusion in the UK and the Royal Society's science book prize 2019-08-22
UK power cut, Huge dinosaur find in Wyoming, Micro-plastics in Arctic snow 2019-08-15
Making the UK's dams safe, AI spots fake smiles, How many trees should we be planting? 2019-08-08
Lovelock at 100; Hydrothermal vents and antibiotic resistance in the environment 2019-08-01
False positives in genetic test kits, Impact of fishing on ocean sharks, Sex-change fish 2019-07-25
Turing on the new £50 note, Moon landing on the radio, 25 years since Shoemaker-Levy comet 2019-07-18
Earliest modern human skull, Analysing moon rocks, Viruses lurking in our genomes 2019-07-11
X-Rays on Mercury, Monkey Tools, Music of Molecules, AI Drivers 2019-07-04
Global Food Security, Reactive Use-By Labels, Origins of the Potato 2019-06-27
Rinderpest destruction, Noise and birdsong, Science as entertainment 2019-06-20
Net-Zero carbon target, Science Policy Under Thatcher, Screen time measures 2019-06-13
CCR5 Mutation Effects, The Surrey Earthquake Swarm, Animal Emotions 2019-06-06
How maths underpins science 2019-05-30

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