Dr Adam Rutherford and guests illuminate the mysteries and challenge the controversies behind the science that's changing our world.


Title Date published
Earliest modern human skull, Analysing moon rocks, Viruses lurking in our genomes 2019-07-11
X-Rays on Mercury, Monkey Tools, Music of Molecules, AI Drivers 2019-07-04
Global Food Security, Reactive Use-By Labels, Origins of the Potato 2019-06-27
Rinderpest destruction, Noise and birdsong, Science as entertainment 2019-06-20
Net-Zero carbon target, Science Policy Under Thatcher, Screen time measures 2019-06-13
CCR5 Mutation Effects, The Surrey Earthquake Swarm, Animal Emotions 2019-06-06
How maths underpins science 2019-05-30
New CFC emissions, Cannabis and the Environment, The Noisy Cocktail Party, Automated Face Recognition 2019-05-23
Hubble Not-So Constant, Synthetic E. Coli, The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt 2019-05-16
Forensic science provision, optimal garden watering strategy, and a mystery knee bone 2019-05-09
Sex, gender and sport - the Caster Semenya case and the latest Denisovan discovery 2019-05-02
Thought-to-speech machine, City Nature Challenge, Science of Storytelling 2019-04-25
Notre-Dame fire, Reviving pig brains, ExoMars, Evolution of faces 2019-04-18
Visualising a black hole, Homo luzonensis, Two ways to overcome antimicrobial resistance 2019-04-11
Cretaceous catastrophe fossilised, LIGO and Virgo, Corals, Forensic shoeprint database 2019-04-04
UK pollinating insect numbers, Tracking whales using barnacles, Sleep signals 2019-03-28
Where next World Wide Web? Space rocks and worms 2019-03-21
Rules and ethics of genome editing, Gender, sex and sport, Hog roasts at Stonehenge 2019-03-14
A cure for HIV? Sleepy flies, Secrets of the Fukushima disaster, Science fact checking 2019-03-07
Falling carbon and rising methane; Unsung heroes at the Crick 2019-02-28

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