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Title Date published
Why Feet Stink, How NASA Knows Where to Dig for Life On Mars, and Why Ice Is Luxurious 2019-12-05
An Effective Way to Correct Misinformation, an Artificial Leaf that Turns CO2 into Fuel, and the Dino Fossil Death Pose 2019-12-04
Saving Cats from Kidney Disease with AI (w/ Kay O’Donnell) and Eye Contact Reduces Lying 2019-12-03
Evolution of the Violin Hole, Why Static Shock Is Worse in Winter, and How “Sleeping on It” Solves Problems 2019-12-02
History’s Extravagant Gifts (w/ Justin Jampol), Why You Wake Up Hungry After Overeating, and Why Birds Have Hollow Bones 2019-11-29
Food Coma Science, How to Avoid Raising Materialistic Kids, and 3M on Building a Circular Economy 2019-11-28
Self-Control Without Sacrificing Pleasure, Why You Think You Do All the Work, and Why Scientists Use Weather Balloons 2019-11-27
Feeding Birds May Cause a Deformity, Busting the “Only Child” Stereotype, and Why Everyone Draws a Coffee Cup the Same Way 2019-11-26
Steven Strogatz Helps You Get Excited About Math (Plus: How Scientists Predict Asteroid Impacts) 2019-11-25
Cell Phone Radiation, Why It’s OK to Contaminate Other Worlds, and Types of Human Goals 2019-11-22
Phone Typing Is Speeding Up, A Supernova May Be Why Humans Walk Upright, and Rain on Antarctica 2019-11-21
Sneezing with Your Eyes Open, How to Think About Wealth, and Why Bird Poop is 2 Colors 2019-11-20
How to Stop Overspending on Groceries, Tattoos May Toughen Up Your Immune System, and How Physical Activity Boosts Kids’ Learning 2019-11-19
Can Calculus Solve Quantum Physics? (w/ Steven Strogatz), Full Moon Behavior, and Why You Complain About “Kids These Days” 2019-11-18
Maps as Weapons and Art (w/ Justin Fornal and Emiliano Ruprah) and Fidgeting Explained 2019-11-15
Your Internal Compass, How Long a Flu Virus Survives, and the Creativity/Mental Illness Link 2019-11-14
Tracking and Adventuring 101 (w/ Forrest Galante) and Plagiarizing Without Realizing It 2019-11-13
Foods to Curb Sleep Deprivation, Light Levels Affect How Cold You Feel, and Kangaroo Pouches 2019-11-12
How Calculus Is Different (w/ Steven Strogatz), Distraction Can Alter Your Memory, and Why the Hindenburg Used Hydrogen 2019-11-11
History Is About the Present (w/ Justin Jampol), What Makes the Wind, and Blaming Games for Society’s Problems 2019-11-08

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