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Title Date published
Opposites Don’t Attract, We Like What’s Physically Close to Us, and the History of Last Names 2020-02-14
How GPS Clocks Work (w/ Hugo Fruehauf) and Why Stress Turns Hair Gray 2020-02-13
The Academic Benefits of Emotional Intelligence, Atoms Split in Uneven Shapes, and Wolf Puppies Can Play Fetch 2020-02-12
A Reason to Reveal Your Failures, the Time Tulips Cost More Than Houses, and the Death of Planet WASP-12b 2020-02-11
Stanford Technique for Picking Creative Ideas, Why Whales Are So Big (But Not Bigger), and the First Medical Diagnosis and Treatment in Space from Earth 2020-02-10
Measuring the Deadliness of Viruses (Like Coronavirus), Why We Do the Potty Dance, and Depression’s Cousin “Acedia” 2020-02-07
The Invention of GPS (w/ Hugo Fruehauf) and Planning Cheat Days to Achieve Your Goals 2020-02-06
Criminal Profiling Doesn’t Work, Exoplanets’ Magma Oceans Eat Their Skies, and Superhuman Red Blood Cells for Drug Delivery 2020-02-05
The 13 Emotions Music Evokes, Surprising Things Pregnancy Does to the Body, and Solving the Tiny T. Rex Mystery 2020-02-04
Your Romantic Relationships Are All Similar, Why Cuttlefish Wore 3-D Glasses, and the Oldest Material on Earth 2020-02-03
Why Deadhead Logs Are So Rare and Valuable (w/ Kevin O’Connor) and Why Traveling Makes You Tired 2020-01-31
The Invention of the Two-by-Four (w/ Kevin O’Connor) and Common Mistakes You Make in the Shower 2020-01-30
Why Overheard Phone Conversations Are So Distracting, How Big Black Holes Get, and Why Anesthesia Is Risky on Marijuana 2020-01-29
You Learn Better from Success than Failure, Ravens Plan Ahead, and Absolute Zero Is Impossible 2020-01-28
Think of Sadness as a Person, Neanderthals Using Aspirin, and Cow Voices 2020-01-27
Earth Is Greener Than Before, Job-Matching with Your Tweets, and Why Blue Means Sad 2020-01-24
Most Lying Is Done by a Few People, Storing Vaccine History with Invisible Dye, and Emotion Words Vary Across Cultures 2020-01-23
Live Longer by Appreciating Art, Betelgeuse Might Go Supernova, and Birds’ Freaky-Fast Vision 2020-01-22
Saving the Ozone Layer Slowed Climate Change, the Largest Lifeforms on Earth, and Tips for Avoiding Distractions at Work 2020-01-21
Real Effects of Paying it Forward, Gorillas Humming Food Songs, and New Crowdsourced Exoplanet Names 2020-01-20

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