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Title Date published
Sniff Out Fake News with Machine Learning and Increase Productivity with Don’t-Do Lists and Morning Pages 2018-11-12
Nobody Is “Normal,” Quantum Bacteria, Déjà Rêvé, and Why You Might Smell Like Maple Syrup 2018-11-11
Contacting Aliens with Lasers, African-American Polymath Benjamin Banneker, and The Seinfeld Strategy 2018-11-09
Curiosity in the Workplace (w/ Spencer Harrison), New Flying with Dandelions, and Physical Relationship Benefits 2018-11-08
Taurids and Leonids Meteor Showers, Willpower-Boosting Workouts, and Marie Curie’s Secret University 2018-11-07
Prince Rupert’s Drop, Why Earth’s Core Is Younger Than Its Surface, and Newborn Babies May Be Super Smart 2018-11-06
Scientific Method Inventor, America’s First Beach, and How Many Faces You Can Recognize 2018-11-05
Acoustic Levitation, Stephen Hawking’s Science Bets, Helmholtz Resonance, and Where Your Body Feels Emotions 2018-11-04
“Drunkard’s Walk” Sunlight, The Undiagnosed Diseases Network, and the Only Universal Word 2018-11-02
Real-Life Zombification (w/ author Matt Simon), Most Annoying Sounds, and Leaders Who Are Too Smart 2018-11-01
The First Telepathic Brainstorm, Ghost-Creating Toxic Mold, and Cropsey: the Real Boogeyman 2018-10-31
Measure Your Passionate Relationships, How to Spot Psychopaths and Narcissists, and the Car-Crushing Meteorite 2018-10-30
Pink Noise Sleep Hack, Saturn’s Moon Dione Habitability, and Giving Versus Receiving Advice 2018-10-29
Exercising for Different Body Types, New England Vampire Panic, Non-Vertical List Benefits, and Constellations on Mars 2018-10-28
The Science of Hauntings, Sleep Deprivation Effects, and Maximizing Benefits From Nature 2018-10-26
Mystery Code of The 4,000-Year-Old Phaistos Disk, The Necrobiome, and 7 Beliefs of Emotionally Healthy People 2018-10-25
Cooked vs. Uncooked Fruits and Veggies (w/ The Nutrition Wonk), Food Poisoning Facts, and Milky Way’s Second Life 2018-10-24
Greyson Near-Death Experience Scale, A Diet to Prevent Jet Lag, and Several States of Matter 2018-10-23
What If Mosquitoes Disappeared, Facebook Relationships, and Hidden Messages in Backwards Music 2018-10-22
Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini’s Friendship, How to Read Food Labels, Jack-O’-Lantern Maintenance, and Declaring Sovereignty 2018-10-21

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