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Title Date published
Microvacations, Why Sand Matters and Why We’re Running Out of It (w/ Vince Beiser), and Savings Plan Tricks 2018-08-30
Neural Networks, Why You Get Brain Freeze, and A Science-Based Trick for Learning a New Language 2018-08-29
How to Get Over Burnout, Darkness is Faster than Light, and How Much Communication is Nonverbal 2018-08-28
Marilyn Monroe Murder Conspiracy, Using Monday to Achieve Your Goals, and Good and Bad Bacteria Don’t Exist 2018-08-27
Fantasy Stock League, Redhead Pain Tolerance (w/ Natalia Reagan), and the Darkest Town in America 2018-08-26
Burning Calories without Exercise, Amelia Earhart’s Last Words, and Bob Dylan and David Bowie’s Writing Technique 2018-08-24
Science of Stretching (w/ Get-Fit Guy), Tourette Syndrome Myths, and 3 Ways to Boost Emotional Intelligence 2018-08-23
Alaskan Triangle, Viking Interactions with Muslims, and Music Lessons Improve Language Skills 2018-08-22
Book Towns, Chlorine Trifluoride, and Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Phone Out in Class 2018-08-21
Mosquitoes’ Favorite Blood Types, How Junk Food Resembles Drugs, and Jeff Bezos’ Keys to Business Success 2018-08-20
Your Brain Doesn’t Want You to Lose Weight, The Moon Museum, Life Lessons from Runner Karl Meltzer, and Wolves Don’t Howl at the Moon 2018-08-19
Massive Ocean Beneath Earth’s Surface, Road Trip Game History, and Memory-Boosting Reading Technique 2018-08-17
The Temin Effect Power of Hobbies, Immortality with Quantum Suicide, and Does Meditation Kill Motivation? 2018-08-16
Sunless Tanners, The Most Poisonous Plant on Earth, and How Steve Jobs Faked the First iPhone 2018-08-15
Your Brain on Binge Watching, Talking Monkeys, and What Happens When You’re an Only Child 2018-08-14
Relationship Attachment Styles, Why Flamingo Beaks Look Weird, and Finding Life’s Purpose with Ikigai 2018-08-13
How to Change Your Habits, Almond and Soy Milk vs. Juices, and the Rio Scale for Alien News 2018-08-12
Managing Energy Instead of Time, Psychopath Music Playlists, and “Traditional” 1950s Marriage Myths (w/ Dr. Eli Finkel) 2018-08-10
Antimatter 101 (w/ Everyday Einstein), How to Avoid Bed Bugs, and Uberman Sleep Cycle 2018-08-09
The Butterfly Effect Is Why We Can’t Predict Weather, How to Cry at Work, and Eggcorns 2018-08-08

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