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Title Date published
Hubble Telescope Photobomb, Why Alcohol Burns, and Why Your Cat Puts Its Butt In Your Face 2019-02-08
How to Look Good in Photos, Trojan Asteroids, and a Technique to Avoid Stress and Stay Calm 2019-02-07
What No-Kill Animal Shelters Really Mean, Having vs. Making Money, and Replacing Your Cells 2019-02-06
Quitting Is Underrated, Most-Googled Scientific Misconceptions, and Starquakes in the Universe 2019-02-05
What Wind Chill Really Means, Learning Skills Faster with a Workout, and the Hypatia Stone 2019-02-04
Specific Words to Use to Get What You Want (w/ Stella Grizont) and Tweeting Feelings 2019-02-03
Win Debates by Beating the Gish Gallop, Improve Your VO2max, and 8 Years of Déjà Vu 2019-02-01
How to Advocate For Yourself (w/ Stella Grizont), Black Hole Travel Possible, and Fossil Licking 2019-01-31
The Best Time to Break Bad News, Overcome Loss Aversion, and Coin Tosses Aren’t Random 2019-01-30
Measure Your Mindfulness, Male vs. Female Pain, and Why the Laws of Physics May Be Aliens 2019-01-29
Bacteria May Save You From the Flu, Red Steak Juice Isn’t Blood, and the Future of Encryption 2019-01-28
How to Change Your Personality, Why You Jerk Awake While Falling Asleep, and Ainu History 2019-01-27
Why Uranus Is Sideways, What Blinking Means, and “The Blood Countess” 2019-01-25
How to Improve Your Self-Control, Why You Shouldn’t Touch Your Plants, and Firehawk Raptors 2019-01-24
Become A CRISPR Connoisseur (w/ Synthego), Up-and-Coming Batteries, and Microsleep 2019-01-23
Wash Your Towels and Sheets More Often, Immortality’s Math Problem, and Australia’s Pink Lakes 2019-01-22
The Phantom Time Hypothesis, Cybersecurity Tips, and New Schizophrenia Revelations 2019-01-21
Are Women Colder Than Men? Plus: The Worst Year to Be Alive, and Heart Cancer Rarity 2019-01-20
You Can’t Taste a Drink’s Strength, Soda Can Explosion Taps, and Our Galaxy’s Weird Planets 2019-01-18
Achieve Goals with the Pareto Principle, How to Think Creatively, and a Simple Sleep Fix 2019-01-17

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