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Title Date published
Sleep vs. Exercise, Milky Way Pictures, Military Method for Sleeping Anywhere, and Voice Recording Science (w/ Matthan Ring Black) 2018-09-23
Hangover Impairment, Moon Landings in the 1600s, and Harmful Effects of 24/7 Workplaces 2018-09-21
Why There Are Monkeys If We Evolved From Them (w/ Natalia Reagan), Adult Chickenpox, and Disaster Survival Traits 2018-09-20
SpaceX’s First Private Passenger in Space, Running Myths Busted, and Bright-Line Rule Goal Setting 2018-09-19
Why You Should Talk to Strangers, How to Find Your Strengths, and Words with Most Definitions 2018-09-18
Doctors Beat AI with Swarm Intelligence (w/ Dr. Louis Rosenberg, Unanimous AI CEO); Plus, Hurricane Prediction Technology 2018-09-17
Pretzel History, How Earth Got Its Water, Runner’s High Origins, and Words Named After People 2018-09-16
Pavlov’s Dog Myths, Three Types of Perfectionism, and What The Universe Is Expanding Into 2018-09-14
String Theory Primer, Night Owl and Morning Person Science, and All-Nighter Study Habits 2018-09-13
Saturn’s Hexagon Hurricane, Planned Obsolescence, and Kaizen for Continuous Improvement 2018-09-12
Odd Historical Overlaps, Closed Doors Save Lives, and Vacation Time Helps A Company’s Bottom Line 2018-09-11
Empathy-Teaching Video Games, Chile Pepper Origins, and A Simple Word Swap to Take Control 2018-09-10
Contagious Yawning, Conformal Cyclic Cosmology, Exercising for Mental Health, and Why Glitches Are “Bugs” 2018-09-09
What Would Happen if You Stopped Time, Secret Room of Mount Rushmore, and Dialect Benefits 2018-09-07
Lost National Museum of Brazil Artifacts, Swimming After You Eat, and Weird U.S. State Laws 2018-09-06
NASA’s Voyager Golden Records, Why Cats Love Boxes, and Bacteria Hot Spots in Your Office 2018-09-05
Multitasking Is Impossible, How A Flat Earth Would Even Work, and Nearly Every Country’s Name Origin 2018-09-04
What Came Before the Big Bang, Diner Designs, and The Ancient Greek Crocodile Paradox 2018-09-03
Infidelity Predictors, Buzz Aldrin’s Moon Mementos, Running May Be Good for Your Knees, and Hand/Eye Dominance 2018-09-02
How Long to Date Before Marriage, The NSF 2026 Idea Machine, and Why Buses Cluster 2018-08-31

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