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Title Date published
3M’s 2019 State of Science Index (w/ Jayshree Seth) and How You Can Name Jupiter’s Moons 2019-03-27
The Four Predictors of Divorce, Why You Love Being Part of a Crowd, and Types of Loneliness 2019-03-26
You’d Probably Survive A Plane Crash, Why People Still Fax, and How Spleens Can Multiply 2019-03-25
The Active Learning Initiative Is Transforming Education (Julia Thom-Levy, Cornell University) 2019-03-24
A Diet That’s Good for You and the World, Milk Temperatures, and the False-Consensus Effect 2019-03-22
How Babies Handle Vaccines (w/ Paul Duprex), Sniffing Is Contagious, and Albino Ghost Trees 2019-03-21
Equinox and Solstice Science, Foreign Accent Syndrome, and an 80-Year Harvard Study 2019-03-20
Metabolic Window Myths, Egg Entropy (w/ Ralph Crewe from SNaQ), and What’s in Tattoo Ink 2019-03-19
Human Bones on the Red Market (w/ Brian Switek), Stop Venting Anger, and Asparagus Pee 2019-03-18
Why Hangovers Get Worse, How Quickly You’d Age at Light Speed, and Upright Neanderthals 2019-03-17
Why Pockets Are Rare in Women’s Clothes, Why Earth Twinkles, and Where Life Originated 2019-03-15
“What Is Life?” with Carl Zimmer, Why You Always Have Room for Dessert, and Learning Myths 2019-03-14
Myths About Your Vision, What Your Dog’s “Guilty” Look Really Means, and the Gaokao Exam 2019-03-13
How Vaccines in Africa Protect Everyone in the World (w/ Paul Duprex), and Semantic Satiation 2019-03-12
Space Race Stories (w/ Dr. David Warmflash), Why Produce Sparks, and a 1-3-5 To-Do List 2019-03-11
Bike Balancing, How Big Data Knows What You Like, and Millions of Copper Needles in Space 2019-03-10
Why Your Muscles Are Sore After Workouts, Daylight Saving Time Myths, and Taj Mahal History 2019-03-08
Carl Zimmer on What’s “In Your Genes,” Nudge Theory, and Post-Apocalyptic Cockroach Myths 2019-03-07
How Music Affects Your Work, Damage from Muffled Hearing, and Earth’s Gigantic Atmosphere 2019-03-06
Natural vs. Artificial Ingredients, Why the Return Trip Feels Shorter, and Africa Splitting in Half 2019-03-05

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