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Title Date published
World of Warcraft Could Help Fight COVID-19, Social Rejection Can Fuel Creativity, and What Mouse Facial Expressions Teach Us About Emotion 2020-05-20
An Interstellar Object’s Origin Revealed, Why Superstitions Evolved, and How the Sense of Smell Is More Complicated Than We Thought 2020-05-19
Therapy for Parents Can Ease Kids’ Anxiety, What Makes Fruit Mealy, and Lessons from the “Second Earth” Biosphere 2 2020-05-18
What Is the Grand Unified Field Theory? (w/ Dr. Adam Becker), Should You Wad or Fold Toilet Paper, and Why You Judge Your Own Hoarding Differently 2020-05-15
Where Our Emotions Come From and How to Hack Them (w/ Lisa Feldman Barrett) and Tarantula Venom Could Be an Opioid Alternative 2020-05-14
How Antibiotics in Agriculture Changed How We Eat (w/ Maryn McKenna), When Daydreaming Goes Wrong, and Dogs Recognize Faces in Photos 2020-05-13
The Universe Might Expand Unevenly, Using a Camera to De-Clutter Your House, and 3 Hominins Lived in the Same Place and Time 2020-05-12
Pigeons Can Be Superstitious, Why Allergy Drugs Make You Sleepy, and The 5 Ages of the Universe 2020-05-11
Play a Game to Help Cure Alzheimer’s, Building the Perfect Swear Word, and May’s Curiosity Challenge 2020-05-08
Gut Neurons Influence Brain Neurons, Why We Still Use the QWERTY Keyboard, and Why You “Shoot the Messenger” 2020-05-07
Using Urine to Build a Moon Base, Musicians and Audiences Sync Brain Activity, and Why “Size Matters” for Narwhal Tusks 2020-05-06
Early Career Choices Influence Your Personality, Why We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and Psychedelic Effects from Placebos 2020-05-05
Null Misadventures (w/ Matt Parker), Why Reheated Coffee Tastes Bad, and the Ancestor of Most Living Animals 2020-05-04
Curiosity Daily Trailer 2020-05-03
Why We Get Warning Fatigue, Prehistoric Monkeys Crossed the Atlantic on Rafts, and Why New Lovebirds Feel So Familiar 2020-05-01
5 Coronavirus Myths Debunked, Why You Shouldn’t Get Your News on Social Media, and the Discovery of a Black Hole Missing Link 2020-04-30
Why Soft Drinks Taste Different Out of Cans, Why Housecats Are Dangerous for Wildlife, and 100 Minor Planets Discovered Beyond Neptune 2020-04-29
The Battle of Brains vs Brawn in Aging, Perils of Ultra-Processed Food, and Bats Surviving White-Nose Syndrome 2020-04-28
Using Lava Lamps to Generate Randomness (w/ Matt Parker), How Ritalin Makes You Focus, and What Bacteria Beneath the Sea Floor Means for Life on Mars 2020-04-27
Quarantine Survival Tips (w/ Dr. Renée Lertzman and “Deadliest Catch” Captains Sig & Keith) and Why We Have Birthmarks 2020-04-24

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