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Title Date published
Passion for Your Job Can Backfire, Ancient Greeks Knew Earth Was Round, and Hair in Food 2019-06-04
What Determines How Others See You (w/ Vivian Zayas) and Don’t Ask for Too Much Advice 2019-06-03
Ancient Cities Can Help Us Plan Modern Cities (w/ Monica L. Smith) and Where Light Goes 2019-06-02
Ingredients for New Friendships, Dark Matter Debate, and How to Make Decisions with Friends 2019-05-31
Drawbacks and Dangers of Life Hacking (w/ Joseph M. Reagle, Jr.) and Why Wet Fingers Prune 2019-05-30
What to Do if You Can’t Sleep, Diet Soda Weight Loss Myths, and Gold from Neutron Stars 2019-05-29
Space Sustainability Rating System, the Chameleon Effect, and How to Blow Your Nose 2019-05-28
Our Implicit Attitudes: New Research into Human Relationships (w/ Vivian Zayas) 2019-05-27
Modern and Ancient Cities Faced the Same Problems (w/ Monica L. Smith), Ear Dominance 2019-05-26
Smiling Can Make You Happier, Maybe Nobody Likes Black Coffee or Beer, and Entropy 101 2019-05-24
How to Tell What Life Hacks Are Worth Trying (w/ Joseph Reagle) and Microwaves for Cooling 2019-05-23
Reduce Arachnophobia with Spider-Man, Biggest Volcano Eruption Ever, and 100-Point Plan 2019-05-22
Drying Laundry to Make It Soft, Why Sad People Listen to Sad Music, and Fossilist Mary Anning 2019-05-21
Mentally Representing Our Relationships (w/ Vivian Zayas) and a Passion Pursuit Regimen 2019-05-20
Why Humans Built Cities in the First Place and What They Looked Like (w/ Monica L. Smith) 2019-05-19
Pill Colors Influence Their Effectiveness, Bizarre Quark-Gluon Plasma Traits, and CEO Hobbies 2019-05-17
Science’s Replication Crisis (w/ Joseph M. Reagle, Jr.) and Why Squinting Helps You See 2019-05-16
Birth Order Doesn’t Matter, Your Liver Grows and Shrinks Overnight, and Von Neumann Probes 2019-05-15
Why Smells Trigger Vivid Memories, Test Your Impostor Syndrome, and Trees Without Rings 2019-05-14
Finding Life on Eyeball Planets, Our Shrinking Collective Attention Span, and Deep Work Skills 2019-05-13

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