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Title Date published
Why We Kiss, Ploonets, and The Unbelievable True Story of D.D. Palmer, the First Chiropractor 2019-07-28
You May Have Eaten Glass (w/ Nick Uhas), Using Positive Stress, and Identifying Screams 2019-07-26
Forcing Functions and “Super Thinking,” Rosalind Franklin’s Story, and Dogs Smelling Fear 2019-07-25
Your Nightmares Help You Survive, Tin Whiskers Break Your Gadgets, and Every Map Is Lying 2019-07-24
S’more History, How “Text Speak” Affects Literacy Skills, and What Lead Does to Your Body 2019-07-23
Microscale Machine Manufacturing (w/ Cornell University) and Stopping Hiccups with Science 2019-07-22
Pomodoro Technique to Stop Procrastination, Where Medicine Goes, and Baseball Physics 2019-07-21
Simple Quantum Physics (w/ George Greenstein), Parachute-less Falling, and Dog Adoption 2019-07-19
EPR Paradox and Quantum Strangeness (w/ George Greenstein) and Temperatures for Sleep 2019-07-18
Self-Defense Amputations, Unique English Words, and How Puppy-Dog Eyes Evolved 2019-07-17
A Normal Body Temperature Isn't 98.6 Degrees, Fettuccine-Like Rocks, and Toothbrush Tips 2019-07-16
Cell-Sized Robots (w/ Cornell University), Learning Styles Don’t Exist, and Why Pulsars Matter 2019-07-15
Songs in Tonal Languages (w/ James Kirby) and Neanderthal DNA in Human Chromosomes 2019-07-14
Smartphone Technology and the Future of Innovation 2019-07-13
Surprising Science of Glass (w/ Nick Uhas), Satellite Tethers, and Map Coloring Math 2019-07-12
AI Translating Babies’ Cries, Being Suckered by the Barnum Effect, and City of Lies and Truth 2019-07-11
Finding What You Love to Do (w/ David Epstein) and How to Deliver Bad News 2019-07-10
Why Generalists Triumph (w/ David Epstein) and What Causes Puffy Eyes After Crying 2019-07-09
Never Hit the Snooze Button, Unblock Your Creativity with a 4-Year-Old, and Dinosaur Colors 2019-07-08
Black Hole Edges (w/ Ralph Crewe), Your Brain’s Backup Plan, and Healthy Tanning Tips 2019-07-07

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