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Title Date published
Alan Alda on Communicating Better, Believing in Science, and Building Connections and Empathy 2019-10-27
Alan Alda on How to Communicate Better by Making Connections (Plus: Why Oceans Don’t Sink) 2019-10-25
How to Tell When Someone’s Lying, Out-of-Body Experiences, and Healthiest Way to Cook Broccoli 2019-10-24
Gold Mining (w/ Gold Rush Stars Rick Ness and Tony Beets) and Why Musical Tastes Change 2019-10-23
Sleep Better by Walking More, How Animals Mourn Their Dead, and Words from Backformation 2019-10-22
Focus on the Ending, How to Deal with Impostor Syndrome, and Sit Less or Exercise More? 2019-10-21
Why People Love (or Hate) Horror Movies, Stopping Overpopulation, and Orionids Meteor Shower 2019-10-18
Types of Teen Popularity, Milky Way’s Black Holes, and Are Conspiracy Theories on the Rise? 2019-10-17
Cherenkov Radiation, How to Be More Extroverted, and Changing Your Perception of Time 2019-10-16
How to Deal with Having Too Many Choices, Wormhole Shadows, and a Language “Wug Test” 2019-10-15
Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Lead to Food Cravings, Narcissism Over Time, and Seeing Photons 2019-10-14
The Science of Cooking Meat with ButcherBox Head Chef Yankel Polak (Special Episode) 2019-10-13
Women’s Restroom Lines, Superhuman Memory, and Is Bamboo Good for the Environment? 2019-10-11
Cure for the Common Cold, What Really Killed the Dinosaurs, and Beatboxing in MRI Machines 2019-10-10
We Don’t Know How Gravity Works (w/ Sean Carroll) and the Milky Way’s Bubble Mystery 2019-10-09
Many Worlds Theory Explains the Universe (w/ Sean Carroll) and What Causes Static Electricity 2019-10-08
Signals Dogs Use to Talk to You, NASA’s Lost Moon Photos, and the Sugar Rush Is a Myth 2019-10-07
Where Dogs Get Their Personalities, How Smells Work, and a Skill that Improves with Age 2019-10-04
Destroying Space-Time for Power (w/ Randall Munroe), Hourglass Figure Myths, Clown Science 2019-10-03
Predict the Weather Using Facebook Photos (w/ Randall Munroe) and Spoken Data Speeds 2019-10-02

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