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Title Date published
Always Ask for a Deadline Extension, Leaded Gasoline, and What Makes Time Stand Still 2019-05-01
Avoid Productivity Pitfalls, The Bandwagon Effect, and How Holograms Are Becoming A Reality 2019-04-30
Meteorites Probably Don’t Land Hot, Break-Up Struggles, and Why Babies Hardly Ever Blink 2019-04-29
How Digital Audio Has Changed Listening (w/ Damon Krukowski) and How Much You Can Know 2019-04-28
How Fruit Flies Are Like Humans, (w/ Stephanie Mohr), Your Changing Personality, and Pennies 2019-04-26
Fresh, Canned, and Frozen Vegetable Nutrition, Staying in Bed for Science, and IQs on Iodine 2019-04-25
Achieve Goals with the 2-List Strategy, Temperature-Telling Crickets, and Lungs Make Blood 2019-04-24
NASA’s New Planet-Hunting Telescope, the Light Triad, and Where You Spend Your Time 2019-04-23
Never Wash Raw Chicken, Campaign for a 13-Month Calendar, and The Island of the Colorblind 2019-04-22
You’re Almost Entirely Empty Space, What Defines Seconds, and the Lyrid Meteor Shower 2019-04-21
Fruit Fly Research Essentials (w/ Stephanie Mohr) and Why Doctors Work Long Hours 2019-04-19
Einstein’s Greatest Regret, Why Icing an Injury May Not Help It Heal, and Extinction Memories 2019-04-18
What’s Next for Quantum Computers (w/ Chris Bernhardt) and How to Make Yourself Luckier 2019-04-17
Benefits of Audiobooks vs. Reading, Bad Earthworms, and Phineas Gage’s Freak Accident 2019-04-16
Conference Rooms Impair Your Mind, Get a “Toned” Look, and Overcome Friendship Jealousy 2019-04-15
Control Butterflies in Your Stomach, Numbers in Other Languages, and the Titanic’s Savior 2019-04-14
Black Hole Firewall Hypothesis, Polio Vaccine History, and Double Rainbow Science 2019-04-12
Why Older People Get Up Early, Why Hot Water Freezes Quickly, and Recapitulation Myths 2019-04-11
Quantum Computing 101: Qubits and Entanglement (w/ Professor Chris Bernhardt) 2019-04-10
How to Make Excuses and Keep Friends, Early Risers vs. Night People, and Escalator Science 2019-04-09

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