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Title Date published
Staying Motivated in the Face of Adversity (w/ Safi Bahcall), Why Things Sound Louder in the Morning, and Winter Solstice Science 2019-12-20
Shaming People Online Can Backfire, the Most Energetic Explosion Ever Observed, and the Link Between Teeth Brushing and Heart Health 2019-12-19
Grizzlies Are Real-Life Superheroes (w/ “Man Vs Bear” Host Casey Anderson) and How People Really Pick Gifts 2019-12-18
Tool-Using Animals (w/ “Man Vs Bear” Host Casey Anderson) and Trees Syncing Seed Production 2019-12-17
Should You Avoid Fever-Reducing Drugs? Plus: Teeth-Replacing Dinosaurs and “Phantosmia” Smell Hallucinations 2019-12-16
Remembering Words on the Tip of Your Tongue, Parkways vs. Driveways, and A Flapping Spacecraft to Explore Venus 2019-12-13
You Don’t Need to “Warm Up” Your Car, Buy Less Instead of Buying Green, and Antarctica’s Ancient Forests 2019-12-12
Customized Medicine (w/ Lauren Black) and How to Tell Someone’s Sick by Looking at Them 2019-12-11
Cutting Sodium by Adding MSG, Measuring When People Give Up on Books, and How Giving Advice May Mean You Crave Power 2019-12-10
Close the Lid Before You Flush, How Men and Women Feel About Their Exes, and a Trait That Makes You More Likely to Exercise 2019-12-09
You Can Discover History by Going Low-Tech (w/ Justin Fornal and Emiliano Ruprah), Plus: Nuclear Explosions in Space 2019-12-06
Why Feet Stink, How NASA Knows Where to Dig for Life On Mars, and Why Ice Is Luxurious 2019-12-05
An Effective Way to Correct Misinformation, an Artificial Leaf that Turns CO2 into Fuel, and the Dino Fossil Death Pose 2019-12-04
Saving Cats from Kidney Disease with AI (w/ Kay O’Donnell) and Eye Contact Reduces Lying 2019-12-03
Evolution of the Violin Hole, Why Static Shock Is Worse in Winter, and How “Sleeping on It” Solves Problems 2019-12-02
History’s Extravagant Gifts (w/ Justin Jampol), Why You Wake Up Hungry After Overeating, and Why Birds Have Hollow Bones 2019-11-29
Food Coma Science, How to Avoid Raising Materialistic Kids, and 3M on Building a Circular Economy 2019-11-28
Self-Control Without Sacrificing Pleasure, Why You Think You Do All the Work, and Why Scientists Use Weather Balloons 2019-11-27
Feeding Birds May Cause a Deformity, Busting the “Only Child” Stereotype, and Why Everyone Draws a Coffee Cup the Same Way 2019-11-26
Steven Strogatz Helps You Get Excited About Math (Plus: How Scientists Predict Asteroid Impacts) 2019-11-25

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