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Title Date published
Why People Are Afraid of Sharks, Discovery of 4 “Walking” Shark Species, and Fighting Climate Change with Rocks 2020-08-10
Parents’ Brains Sync When They’re Together, the Genius Math Behind Credit Card Numbers, and July’s Curiosity Challenge Trivia 2020-08-07
Why Religious People Have More Children, Sea Turtles’ Clumsy Navigation Skills, and the Real Center of Our Solar System Isn’t the Sun 2020-08-06
How Feeling Sick Is Colored by Culture, The Venomous Dinosaur from Jurassic Park IRL, and All the Light Ever Produced in the Universe 2020-08-05
You Have Tiny Rocks in Your Ears, How Artists’ Personas Influence Your Music Choices, and Chemotherapy Began as a Chemical Weapon 2020-08-04
Why Some Words Are More Memorable, How Hair Growth Works, and How Fish End Up in Landlocked Lakes 2020-08-03
Advertising Makes Us Unhappy, The Myth of Maximum Heart Rate, and How Parents Can Help Language Researchers with an App 2020-07-31
Why New Habits Have to Be Tiny (w/ Dr. BJ Fogg) and Why Human Infants Are Late Bloomers 2020-07-30
A New Way to Build Habits (w/ Dr. BJ Fogg) and the Best Time of Day to Exercise 2020-07-29
Why Stress Sweat Smells Worse, Studying Wildlife During the Pandemic, and Do Men Just Not See Messes? 2020-07-28
You Navigate with Your Nose, Busting 5 Summer Myths, and Using Horseshoe Crabs’ Blue Blood to Develop New Medicine 2020-07-27
Fannie Farmer Created the Modern Cooking Recipe, the Shepard Scale Audio Illusion, and How Scientists Test the COVID-19 Vaccine 2020-07-24
Why Some People Can’t Recognize Faces, Weight-Lifting Strengthens Your Nerves Too, and Why Earth’s Core Doesn’t Melt 2020-07-23
Teaching Kids to Not Be Prejudiced, Why Cats Have Vertical Pupils, and a Massive Stonehenge Discovery 2020-07-22
The Need for Nature During Lockdown, Why Plants Are Green, and How Microbes and Parasites Might Make Us Healthier 2020-07-21
Stay Happy and Healthy by Maintaining Your Routines, How Dolphins Learn to Use Tools, and Can Adults Grow New Brain Cells? 2020-07-20
Waiting for the Best Option Lowers Your Standards, Spies Can Eavesdrop Using Light Bulbs, and Why Atoms Don’t Look Like the Solar System 2020-07-17
Hack Your Short-Term Memory, The Wild Origins of Gallbladder Surgery, and Does Chocolate Cause Acne Breakouts? 2020-07-16
The First Prescription Video Game, Solving the Mystery of Short-Term Memory, and Hummingbirds’ Extraordinary Vision 2020-07-15
Blame Trolling on “Everyday Sadism,” How to Sleep Better During Lockdown, and a Breakthrough in Random Number Generation 2020-07-14

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