MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen is co-hosted by best-selling author and speaker, Jimmy Evans and his wife Karen. Jimmy is author of the books Marriage on the Rock, The Right One and Strengths Based Marriage. MarriageToday with Jimmy & Karen is a daily program that provides hope and help for marriage and family relationships.


Title Date published
MarriageToday Video Podcast moving to YouTube 2018-06-01
The Power of Your Words 2018-05-24
Training Your Mouth for Marriage 2018-05-23
How to Make Marriage Fun 2018-05-22
What Marriage Really Means 2018-05-21
Impacting Generations with Your Marriage 2018-05-16
Giving Your Spouse Your Best 2018-05-15
Speaking Truth with Love 2018-05-14
Getting Naked with Your Spouse 2018-05-13
How to Find the Right One 2018-05-10
How to Date and Successfully Marry 2018-05-09
How to Overcome Rejection 2018-05-08
Why We Marry Who We Marry 2018-05-06
How to Overcome Comparison 2018-05-03
How to Overcome Shame 2018-05-02
How to Overcome Fear 2018-05-01
How to Overcome Discouragement 2018-04-30
The Habits of Emotionally Healthy Couples 2018-04-27
The Power of a Praying Couple 2018-04-26
The Three Challenges of Change 2018-04-25

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