Vital Dissent seeks to oppose calamitous escalation in US foreign policy by exposing establishment narratives with well-researched documentary content and insightful guest interviews. Topics include: an antiwar foreign policy, historical revisionism, technocracy, eugenics, government & private corruption, & the use & development of propaganda. Host Patrick MacFarlane is the Justin Raimondo Fellow at the Libertarian Institute. He is a practicing attorney. His work has appeared on and Zerohedge.


Title Date published
'Haitian Cannibal' Extravaganza! Ep. 272 2024-03-20
The Anti-Woke to Zionist Pipeline Ep. 271 2024-03-08
Assange Fights for Freedom ft. Misty Winston Ep. 270 2024-02-19
How Libertarians Should View Foreign Policy Ep. 269 2024-02-13
Hoppe Kicks Walter Block Out of Libertarianism Ep. 268 2024-02-01
Exposed: IDF Ordered to "Kill Anything that Moves" on October 7 Ep. 267 2024-01-25
Is Israel Committing Genocide? Ep. 266 2024-01-16
"Israel's Jeffrey Epstein" ft. Brad Pearce Ep. 265 2023-10-25
How Palestine Became Israel Ep. 264 2023-10-18
The Monkey's Paw and Imperial Hubris Ep. 263 2023-10-09
Decoding East Asia ft. Samuel Urban Ep. 262 2023-08-31
The Rise of the Information State: Woodrow Wilson to the Twitter Files ft. Brandan Buck Ep. 261 2023-08-15
How to Stop Your Ex from Vaccinating the Kids: A Lawyer Explains Ep. 260 2023-08-08
The Truth About Oppenheimer / Part One 2023-07-25
China Caught Spying on the US, AGAIN ft. Ted Snider Ep. 259 2023-06-29
Now You've Got Something To Die For ft. Scott Spaulding Ep. 258 2023-06-19
Grassroots Realism ft. Kelley Vlahos Ep. 257 2023-06-11
This Is Why I Left The Military ft. Clay Huston Ep. 256 2023-06-03
The End of Strategic Ambiguity ft. Ted Carpenter Ep. 255 2023-05-29
Why Fight For Formosa? ft. Joseph Solis-Mullen Ep. 254 2023-05-23

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