“Aw Jeez” is a Fargo recap podcast from the frozen land of murder and mayhem: Minnesota. Every week we discuss what went down and who’s dead now. Comedians, cast and crew stop by to share behind-the-scene details.


Title Date published
Episode 10 recap: Okay then 2017-06-22
Episode 9 recap: I got different facts 2017-06-15
Episode 8 recap: About that bowling alley... 2017-06-08
Episode 7 recap: We see you, Mr. Wrench 2017-06-01
Episode 6 recap: I'm not less than you 2017-05-25
Episode 5 recap: You need to unchain me 2017-05-18
Episode 4 recap: Good luck with your homicide! 2017-05-11
Episode 3 recap: I don't sound like that, do I? 2017-05-04
Episode 2 recap: Did I tell you what I like about Minnesota? 2017-04-27
Episode 1 recap: I won't lie, it didn't go smooth 2017-04-20
Season 3 preview: Are two McGregors better than one? 2017-04-13
Bonus: Noah Hawley dishes on Season 3 2016-06-03
Bonus: The Kitchen Brothers speak! 2016-01-07
Episode 10 recap: An act of cruelty 2015-12-15
Bonus: How to talk Minnesotan 2015-12-11
Episode 9 recap: It's just a flying saucer, honey 2015-12-08
Bonus: A follow-up discussion on Hanzee Dent with Heid Erdrich 2015-12-03
Episode 8 recap: You gonna be nice? 2015-12-01
Episode 7 recap: The undertaker is coming 2015-11-24
Episode 6 recap: Kiss my grits 2015-11-17

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