Fueled by art, sexuality, playfulness, adventure, and imagination, Rose & Dayv Caraway will arouse your senses with libidinous tales of love, loss, action, adventure, romance, suspense, horror, science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy. Brimming with limitless creativity and moxie these erotic stories are sure to seduce your thoughts and leave you and your partner(s) wanting more! This show is for adults only.


Title Date published
Outland 1313 Part One by: Rose Caraway 2017-10-12
Voodoo Dildo Part 2 by: Rose Caraway 2017-10-12
I Feel Like Someone's Sasquatching Me... by Chase Morgan 2015-10-19
Close Enough by Raziel Moore 2015-09-28
A Girl's Guide To Her First Orgy by Malin James 2015-08-23
Alien Sex by Alegra Verde 2015-08-01
Love Is A Battlefield by Rose Caraway 2015-06-15
All In the King's Bed by Rose Caraway 2014-03-31
Terminal Affair by Allen Dusk 2013-09-02
Duali-Teaze by Rose Caraway 2013-08-14

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