Fueled by art, sexuality, playfulness, adventure, and imagination, Rose & Dayv Caraway will arouse your senses with libidinous tales of love, loss, action, adventure, romance, suspense, horror, science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy. Brimming with limitless creativity and moxie these erotic stories are sure to seduce your thoughts and leave you and your partner(s) wanting more! This show is for adults only.


Title Date published
Halter and Hook by Rose Caraway 2024-04-21
The War King by Rose Caraway 2024-04-08
To Warm Her 2024-04-01
DreamTime #12: Spice It Up 2024-03-18
Panties are for Amateurs by Rose Caraway 2024-03-05
Bound/Unbound by Malin James 2024-02-26
DreamTime #11: Sisters in Every Way 2024-02-19
DreamTime #10: Rue and the Minotaurs 2024-02-18
DreamTime #9: She's Quickening 2024-02-05
Dove Song Pt. 2 by Rose Caraway 2024-01-31
DreamTime #8: Getting Trail-Rated in a GloryHole 2024-01-29
DreamTime #7: Two Night Terrors and a Mullet 2024-01-22
DreamTime #6: Batman is Dead 2024-01-15
DreamTime #5: A Writer's Reincarnation, an Apocalypse, and a Ravishment 2024-01-08
Dove Song Part 1 by Rose Caraway 2024-01-04
DreamTime #4: Descent Of A Tree Nymph 2024-01-01
DreamTime #3: Bruce Willis, Spiders, and a Foot Fetish, oh my! 2023-12-25
DreamTime #2: A DiCaprio-Bacon-King sandwich! 2023-12-18
Dreamtime #1 Pulling the Covers Back on Dreamtime: A Writer's Journey into Unfiltered Creativity 2023-12-11
Odonte by Tamsin Flowers 2023-07-03

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