The KetoHacking MD is a show featuring keto-centered biohacking at its finest, presented by Dr. John Limansky MD and international best-selling author Jimmy Moore. Listen in each week as Jimmy and John present scientifically supported tips and methods for getting the most health advantages possible from your ketogenic diet!


Title Date published
48: The Biological Pathways Of Stress And How To Deal With It 2019-03-22
47: Dr. Jay Wiles Shares Clinical Biofeedback Strategies For His Psychology Patients 2019-03-15
46: Using The Muse Technology For Hacking Your Neurofeedback 2019-03-08
45: Introducing Neurofeedback Hacks For Stress Management And Hormone Regulation 2019-03-01
44: Mackay Rippey Analyzes DNA Testing Of Jimmy Moore And Dr. John Limansky Impacting Their Biohacking 2019-02-22
43: Dr. Anna Cabeca Is An OBGYN With The Hormone Fix For Women 2019-02-15
42: Jimmy Moore’s 28-Day Keto Carnivore Experiment Blood Test Results 2019-02-08
41: Dr. Shawn Baker Weighs In On Jimmy Moore’s Keto Carnivore Experiment 2019-02-01
40: Jimmy Moore Tries A 28-Day Keto Carnivore Experiment 2019-01-25
39: Fresh, New Keto Hacks We’ll Explore In 2019 2019-01-18
38: How Biohacking Takes Keto To The Next Level 2019-01-11
37: Real Food Keto Interview With Jimmy And Christine Moore By Dr. John Limansky 2018-11-02
36: Jimmy Moore’s 5-Week Stacked Hacks Experiment Blood Test Results 2018-10-26
35: Brian Richards From SaunaSpace Details The Health Benefits Of Infrared Sauna Therapy 2018-10-19
34: Primal Play Creator Darryl Edwards On The Strong Science Supporting HIIT Training 2018-10-12
33: Dr. John Day Explains The Cardiovascular And Other Health Effects Of Cold Therapy 2018-10-05
32: Harpreet Rai Spills The Beans On The World’s First Biohacking Ring 2018-09-28
31: Jason Moore Makes The Case For Testing And Hacking Your Heart Rate Variability 2018-09-21
30: Preliminary Stacked Hack Results And Shifting Your Mindset 2018-09-14
29: Mike Mutzel Unveils The Secrets To Being A Successful Biohacker 2018-09-08

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