Matt and Rose Katz of the Ceramics Materials Workshop and Kathy King of the Ceramics Program at Harvard University discuss listener questions about clay and glaze. This show will have you laughing and learning about the chemistry behind ceramics in no time.


Title Date published
Should I bisque higher or lower to stop pinholing? 2021-10-27
Should I be testing the new materials I got from the ceramic supply? 2021-10-13
The Gang talks about why glazes “ping” 2021-09-29
The gang discusses easy glaze recipes for beginners 2021-09-15
Substituting feldspars, gloss vs. matte glazes for food service, and do I need to bisque 2021-09-01
Food-safe glazes, kiln cooling, and sourcing test glazes 2021-08-18
For Flux Sake Season 1 Trailer 2021-08-13

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