Matt and Rose Katz of the Ceramics Materials Workshop and Kathy King of the Ceramics Program at Harvard University discuss listener questions about clay and glaze. This show will have you laughing and learning about the chemistry behind ceramics in no time.


Title Date published
Can I use beach sand in my clay or glazes? 2022-09-07
Season 2 coming soon! 2022-09-06
What should I do with my left-over glazes? 2022-07-21
The Pregnancy Episode 2022-06-29
Does the coefficient of expansion really matter for a glaze? 2022-06-15
Slippy, Slip, Slip 2022-06-02
Should I be afraid of silicosis? 2022-05-18
For Flux Sake Live! Vol. 1 2022-05-05
The Four Horsemen of Pinholing 2022-04-20
The gang tackles slip casting 2022-04-06
What do I do if my kiln loses power? 2022-03-23
Is my moldy bag of clay really more plastic? 2022-03-09
How hot is too hot to open my kiln? 2022-02-24
How does layering affect the chemical composition of glazes? 2022-02-09
Help! Why is my colemanite spitting? 2022-01-26
What should I do with this mystery material? 2022-01-12
Toxicology 101 with Sarah Urfer 2021-12-21
How much water should I put in my glaze? 2021-12-09
What is the difference between a slip and underglaze? 2021-11-24
The gang tackles porosity and clay body issues 2021-11-12

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