Matt and Rose Katz of the Ceramics Materials Workshop and Kathy King of the Ceramics Program at Harvard University discuss listener questions about clay and glaze. This show will have you laughing and learning about the chemistry behind ceramics in no time.


Title Date published
So what’s up with lava glazes? 2023-06-22
Can I really fire my pots in a microwave? 2023-06-09
What is this mystery material? 2023-05-24
How do Crystalline Glazes work? 2023-05-10
Should I trust my cones or my thermocouple during a firing? 2023-04-26
Why does my glaze leave flash marks on the clay? 2023-04-12
For Flux Sake Live! Vol. 2 2023-03-28
Does clay really have memory? 2023-03-14
What do I do if my glaze is hard panning? 2023-03-01
Why do so many cultures use unglazed pots for cooking? 2023-02-15
What’s the deal with Yellow Iron Oxide and Red Iron Oxide? Are they the same? 2023-02-01
Is it ok to recycle my throwing clay and use it as a casting slip? 2023-01-19
What is the best way to transport glazed bisque ware to the kiln? 2023-01-04
The Kiln Episode…and holiday gift guide! 2022-12-14
Can you create reduction glazes in an electric kiln? 2022-11-30
What is the best way to display test tiles in your studio? 2022-11-16
Happy Halloween: How do I stop this creepy crawling glaze? 2022-10-31
What is Quartz Inversion? 2022-10-19
Why is my clay dunting? 2022-10-05
What is the best way to recycle clay? 2022-09-21

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