Matt and Rose Katz of the Ceramics Materials Workshop and Kathy King of the Ceramics Program at Harvard University discuss listener questions about clay and glaze. This show will have you laughing and learning about the chemistry behind ceramics in no time.


Title Date published
Electric Kiln 101 with Freddy Fredrickson pt. 1 2024-04-10
Should I bisque higher than I glaze? 2024-03-27
How can I make durable floor tiles? 2024-03-13
Should I be afraid of lead leaching? 2024-02-28
What are those symbols on my glaze label? 2024-02-14
How often can I recycle my clay? 2024-01-31
Can a glaze flaw be aesthetically attractive? 2024-01-17
Can I create atmospheric effects in an electric kiln? 2024-01-03
Do I have to sieve my glazes? 2023-12-20
The end of an era... 2023-12-06
What is the advantage of diversifying your fluxes? 2023-11-24
Cone six or bust! 2023-11-08
Happy Halloween! From flame ware to the blood bricks of Boston 2023-10-25
How can I tell if my matte glaze has fully melted? 2023-10-11
What does wedging actually do to clay? 2023-09-27
What’s the best way to test clay absorption? 2023-09-13
Season 3 coming soon! 2023-09-08
How does throwing on the potter’s wheel effect your body? 2023-08-02
How can I safely use gold luster? 2023-07-19
Why does clay shrink when fired? 2023-07-05

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