Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent cover this week's fun facts in an irreverent look at the news. The Fun is over, but you can enjoy previous episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Title Date published
TWiF 9: Young People Think MP3 Sounds Keen - Episode 9 has been posted! 2009-03-06
TWiF 8: Woman Diapered, Held Hostage - Sadly, the beginning of the show wasn't captured this week, and that's a bummer. 2009-02-27
TWiF 7: Episode 7 - I love our new theme song, but I'm willing to have a musical TWiF-off. Can you beat it? WELL CAN YOU, PUNK? 2009-02-20
TWiF 6: Episode 6 - You asked for it (well, some of you anyway), so here's the latest TWiF: Ep 6! 2009-02-13
TWiF 5: Go-Getter Stabbed in Leg - Martin and Sarah enjoyed a good laugh over life's ridiculous misfortunes. 2009-02-06
TWiF 4: What's Not Funny: Spit - I feel like Martin and I are really starting to hit our stride... 2009-01-30
TWiF 3: Episode 3 - Here's video from Martin's and my latest episode of THIS WEEK in FUN (TWiF). 2009-01-23
TWiF 2: Episode 2 - Martin and I had so much FUN with TWiF #1 that we decided to shoot another "show." 2008-12-21

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