Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent cover this week's fun facts in an irreverent look at the news. The Fun is over, but you can enjoy previous episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Title Date published
TWiF 29: Drunk In Public - Gaydar, Super Glue, lonely on Facebook, Nurse of the Year, and more. 2009-08-08
TWiF 28: The Wicked Witch of TWiF - Italian GPS blunder, cult-like startups, tweet libel, online dating, Megan Fox, and more. 2009-08-01
TWiF 27: Money Well Spent - Broken space toilet, Japanese trains, same name marriage, a big credit card bill, and more. 2009-07-27
TWiF 26: The Jesus Wrinkle - Pissed cops, drunk drivers, ATM pepper spray, Topless Nuns, and more. 2009-07-20
TWiF 25: The Flaccid Lizard - Martin in SF Chronicle, Digital Rubik's Cube, dumb dictionaries, bad French tourists, and more. 2009-07-13
TWiF 24: Swine Flu And Wine Screw - Web time strains marriages, porn scares kids, snack food for sex, and more. 2009-06-29
TWiF 23: Baby Mama Drama - Employer privacy invasion, Google catches muggers, girl falls asleep while getting tattooed, and more. 2009-06-22
TWiF 22: I Love Corn - Facebook name grab, Crunchberries aren't real fruit, prison time for underwear theft, and more. 2009-06-15
TWiF 21: I Broke My Vaynerchuk - Twittering into a tree, anti-piracy puppy, prosecutor prosecuted, boy booty boosts business, and more. 2009-06-08
TWiF 20: I Used To Collect Plush Ducks - Hoarding golf balls, the penta-kidney man, Scientology fail, avian larcenist, fowl assault, and more. 2009-06-01
TWiF 19: Hairy Weed - Geek lovers, Internet bacon, face snails, heavy momma, video games, and more. 2009-05-25
TWiF 18: Martin Goes On A Hunger Strike - Kanye angry at Twitter, a 104 year old isn't, Indian dad refuses to wash, Jay Spieden joins the fun, and more. 2009-05-18
TWiF 17: Kevin Rose's Special Delivery - The debut of True or Poo, a cash filled backpack, iSnort for your iPhone, Kevin Rose reinvents the mail slot, and more. 2009-05-11
TWiF 16: Big Brides In Mexico - Indiana Jones trivializes nuclear threat, Jedi police, YouTube midwifery, McCurry lawsuit, and more. 2009-05-04
TWiF 15: The Curse of the Missing Z - Martin's therapist speaks out about Sarah, Kazakhstan to build alien embassy, baby shaker app, a Ziploc surprise, and more. 2009-04-27
TWiF 14: Incontinental Airlines - Kutcher's millions, Oprah, The Pirate Bay, mother-daughter twins, mile high urine, and more. 2009-04-20
TWiF 13: Desert of Godlessness - Hot chilis in the eyes, a glass of wine, tofu love, burglars on TV, Yelpers, and more. 2009-04-13
TWiF 12: Touching The Queen - Chuck Norris Facts, Facebook helps you work, meeting strangers on Omegle, and more. 2009-04-06
TWiF 11: Calf Implants - Had a great time with Martin via Skype and our in-studio guest, Lisa Bettany! 2009-03-27
TWiF 10: Episode 10 - My goodness, I can't believe we've already had our tenth episode anniversary! It's a beautiful thing. 2009-03-20

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