Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent cover this week's fun facts in an irreverent look at the news. The Fun is over, but you can enjoy previous episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Title Date published
TWiF 49: Hotties and Zlotys - Dating site ban, Weight Watchers floor collapses, sex doll stops suicide, street-walking taxes, and more. 2010-01-16
TWiF 48: Just Shut The F Up - Robotic Christmas, BAC record, emergency ride, funeral home drunks, and more. 2010-01-02
TWiF 47: A Little Crankin' And A Little Buzzin' - Texting your target, DWI obesity, a toilet restaurant, choir students at Hooters, and more. 2009-12-19
TWiF 46: Have You Seen The Remote? - Very remote lodging, chewing gum, jailhouse pot, that's a lot of cheddar, and more. 2009-12-12
TWiF 45: Keepin' It Dry - A virtual wife, Goodwill ganja, porno research, clean toilet seats, and more. 2009-12-05
TWiF 44: They Were Just Turds - Daddy Klingon, Bug poo, Oprah ending show, ugly crime, bionic butt, and more. 2009-11-21
TWiF 43: Sarah and Marty's Florida Vacay - Pothead calls 911, wedding brawling, fake kidnapping, self-identifying as a terrorist, and more. 2009-11-14
TWiF 42: Think of It as a Hose - Axe lacks effect, Yelp fights, fat recruits, Blockbuster slasher, bad teeth, and more. 2009-11-07
TWiF 41: Too Fat To Kill - Sneezing paralysis, a May-September romance, Colonel Sanders, Halloween, and more. 2009-10-31
TWiF 40: Stupid Hookers - Lay-Z-Boy DWI, sex workers gone green, tweet beat, and more. 2009-10-24
TWiF 39: 99% As Good As The Screen Savers - Sex leads to social networking, tweet beat, Leo Laporte drops in, and more. 2009-10-17
TWiF 38: Martin Comes Out - Sober depression, prophylactic attraction, a rare Xbox, raccoon attack, and more. 2009-10-10
TWiF 37: Ratapooie - Taxi vomit, rat-killing TV, karaoke gone bad, a frootless effort, and more. 2009-10-03
TWiF 36: Sarah Beats Martin's Meats - Gay on Facebook, driving while texting, metal detectors, Paul Kirk, and more. 2009-09-26
TWiF 35: Sarah and Gomorrah - Banana sex, Gollum, buttery bridges, man-eating birds, pee helps tomatoes, and more. 2009-09-19
TWiF 34: Lightning Round Preview - Pigeon vs. Internet, spamless Middlesex, robbery dating, accidental porn, and more. 2009-09-12
TWiF 33: Thunder Thighs Save Lives - Poo Girl, Burning Man, Google gets simple, Japanese Kit Kats, and more. 2009-09-05
TWiF 32: Don't Glade Me, Ho - Jessica Biel malware, Internet people, Beyoncé, when cows attack, and more. 2009-08-29
TWiF 31: Tech Is Hard. Let's Go Shopping! - Mindless Twitter babble, gamers are old and fat, briefcase toilet, old man attacks bad drivers with bricks, and more. 2009-08-22
TWiF 30: Smells Like Comic-Con - Action figures, UFC training, Italian Lotto, Cuba's out of T.P., when otters attack, and more. 2009-08-15

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