Every week TWiT hosts talk to the smartest people in the world about the most important topics in technology. Join Leo Laporte and other TWiT hosts for these enlightening one-on-one interviews. Although the show is no longer in regular production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Title Date published
Triangulation 393: Core Memory With Mark Richards - Mark Richards, Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers. 2019-04-12
Triangulation 392: Kate O'Neill - Tech Humanist - Kate O'Neill, author of Tech Humanist: How You Can Make Technology Better for Business and Better for Humans. 2019-04-05
Triangulation 391: Charlie Jane Anders: The City in the Middle of the Night 2019-03-29
Triangulation 390: Nicole Black: Technology, the Constitution, and the Workplace - Nicole Black on the intersection of law and technology. 2019-03-22
Triangulation 389: Blake Harris: The History of the Future - Oculus, Facebook, and the Revolution That Swept Virtual Reality. 2019-03-15
Triangulation 388: Kashmir Hill: Blocking the Big Five Tech Giants - A look at life without Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. 2019-03-08
Triangulation 387: Amy Webb: The Big Nine - How the Tech Titans & Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity 2019-03-01
Triangulation 386: Caterina Fake - Should This Exist? - How technology is impacting our humanity. 2019-02-22
Triangulation 385: Piper Founder Joel Sadler - Kids learning to build computers and code with Piper's DIY computer kit. 2019-02-15
Triangulation 384: Tom W. Bell - Anarchy Ahead? - Tom W. Bell, author of "Your Next Government?: From the Nation State to Stateless Nations" 2019-02-08

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