redditUP features the best that "the front page of the internet" has to offer. Hosted by Sarah Lane and Chad "OMGchad" Johnson, each episode recaps the week's best stories, memes, AMAs (Ask Me Anythings), and more from the popular social news community. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Title Date published
redditUP 9: Ice Bucket Challenge is Dead, Simon Pegg, Sir Mix-a-Lot - Death by Caffeine, 3D printing, Sir Mix-a-Lot AMA. 2014-09-24
redditUP 8: U2, Justin Long, Facebook for Rich People - How to get rid of U2 2014-09-18
redditUP 7: Internet Slowdown, Dreadnoughtus, George Clooney's Satellite - Internet slowdown day. 2014-09-10
redditUP 6: These Are Not the Nude Portraits You're Looking For - Russian space sex geckos. 2014-09-03
redditUP 5: Pizza Cats, Nolan Bushnell, and Samuel L. Jackson's Cameo on Breaking Bad - Japanese pizza cats, Josh Brolin. 2014-08-27
redditUP 4: Hitchhiking Robot Vs. Enlightened Birdmen - IE dev team AMA, birdmen vs mudmen. 2014-08-20
redditUP 3: Robin Williams, Wi-Fi Hacking Cats, Dancing Baby Groot - Robin Williams, dancing baby Groot 2014-08-13
redditUP 2: Robotic Super Suits, YouTube Haiku, and Sean Bean - Ebola, robot suits, Sean Bean 2014-08-06
redditUP 1: Feathered Dinosaurs, Tales From Tech Support, and Jeff Bridges - What dinosaur would make the best pet? 2014-07-30
Welcome to redditUP 2014-07-24

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