Professional photographer Catherine Hall and overenthusiastic amateur Leo Laporte chat with some of the world's leading and most inspirational image-makers. Learn tips from acclaimed pros as they impart their knowledge of making arresting images through personal anecdotes, real world experience, and a discussion of their favorite toys. The show educates, inspires and empowers photographers of all levels. Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.


Title Date published
TWiT Photo 66: Pixel Perfect Elevendy - returns with amazing creative tips. 2012-07-17
TWiT Photo 65: Landscape Photographer Michael Frye - Guide to be in the right place at the right time for landscape photography, tripods, night shots, and more. 2012-07-10
TWiT Photo 64: HDR Vertorama Klaus Hermann - Tips for shooting fireworks, learn how to create your own HDR Vertoramas, and more. 2012-07-03
TWiT Photo 63: Architectural Photography Shannon McGrath - Shannon has honed her practice over the last 12 years, concentrating on architecture and interior design, producing amazing photos used in many international magazines. 2012-06-26
TWiT Photo 62: "Stopmotionista" Petra Cross - ApertureExpert reviews the 3.3 update, Petra Cross shows how to "stop-motion-ista" style, learn your interests with Prismatic, and more. 2012-06-19
TWiT Photo 61: Natalie "Miss Aniela" Dybisz - Miss Aniela is a fine art surrealist photographer and author, who uses surrealism to masterfully portray beauty juxtaposed. 2012-06-12
TWiT Photo 60: Hyper-realist Artist, Bert Monroy - "I consider myself a Hyper-realist artist. I love to paint. I use the word paint for lack of a better word. My medium is actually light. I have a passion for making things happen on the screen." - Bert Monroy 2012-06-05
TWiT Photo 59: Nordic Light Part 2 - Catherine and Leo interview the great photographers at the 2012 Nordic Light festival. 2012-05-29
TWiT Photo 58: Nordic Light Part 1 - Nordic Light festival featuring interviews with Morten Krogvold, Bruce Davidson, and James Mollison. 2012-05-22
TWiT Photo 57: Catherine Chalmers shows us where nature and culture collide in some disturbing yet stunning photos. 2012-05-16
TWiT Photo 56: Pioneer Digital Photog Eddie Tapp - Getting it right in the camera with Pioneer Digital Photog Eddie Tapp 2012-05-08
TWiT Photo 55: Frederick Van Johnson and Derrick Story - Becoming a social photographer like Frederick Van and Derrick Story 2012-05-01
TWiT Photo 54: Doug Kaye shows us his analytical eye in photography 2012-04-24
TWiT Photo 53: Composite Guru Joel Grimes live streaking demo 2012-04-17
TWiT Photo 52: NYC Top Photo Agent Frank Meo - Do you need a photo agent?, portfolio tips, live lighting demo and more. 2012-04-10
TWiT Photo 51: Celeb Photog Michael Grecco - LIVE dramatic lighting demo, stories of shooting Hollywoods elites, and new features of Photoshop 6. 2012-04-03
TWiT Photo 50: Photography meets 3D Animation - Photography meets 3D Animation with the Creative Masterminds of Elevendy 2012-03-27
TWiT Photo 49: Peter Krogh - Managing digital photography collections with DAM Expert Peter Krogh 2012-03-20
TWiT Photo 48: Sports Illustrated Photographer Bill Frakes - Bill Frakes's shares his astonishing portfolio. 2012-03-13
TWiT Photo 47: Travel Blogger Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere - Top travel blogger on how to pursue your wanderlust and the most efficient ways to do travel photography. 2012-03-06

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